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Traditional Thamboolam Tote bag - Non Woven - Single Color

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One of our fasted moving Thamboolam bag. Looks rich and elegant and has good space to hold your thamboolam items. Handy and trendy. With the aim of offering our valued clients a quality range of products, we are offering Thamboolam Bag. Manufactured using fine grade material these bags are long lasting and tear resistant with smooth finish. The offered bags can be availed in different designs, colors and sizes. Our precious patrons can have these thamboolam bags in personal customization in accordance to their needs. In addition to this we offer our wide assortment of our thamboolam bags at very affordable prices. We can customize it to any size and color as required !
Manufacturer: Balaji Screen
Delivery date: 2 weeks
This product has a minimum quantity of 100


  • Spacious inlet
  • Smooth texture
  • High strength


For any questions, Please chat with us online or whatsapp at +919171917197  or email us at

Products specifications
Material Non woven
Imprint Color Single
Print Technology Screen Print
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